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Folk@rt on Old Wood

New Orchid Hybrid
Papilisia Elody Pang Hsien Teng

Grammatophyllum speciosum
Also known as Tiger Orchid. A mature plant weighs over one tone, making it the largest orchid plant in the world. More than 50 flowers can be borne on the 2-m-long inflorescence. Individual flowers are 10 cm across. It, however, blooms only once every 2 to 4 years.
This splendid flower is skillfully preserved in our AmberArt. Limited stock is available at Gardens by the Bay gift shop.
Pitcher Plant
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Folk@rt on Zinc Sheet
The Acrylic Orchid Souvenirs
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Globed Air plant
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Nepenthes in Bio Dome

Vanda Miss Joaquim

Native Orchids
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Nepenthes in Singapore



Bugs and Buds was founded in July 2001 by a small team of professionals in pursuit of exploring beauty in nature. The founders hope to inspire and share their passion for nature with others through offering services and products that are nature-based. Incorporating vast knowledge with plants, flowers and small creatures, the boutique company offers highly engaging workshops in horticultural and the life sciences, customized gift solutions including orchid naming, and is the manufacturer and distributor of exquisite nature-based craft products.