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Dendrobium Lim Gek Noi
April 8th 2013
This new hybrid inherits trait of its seed parent Dendrobium anosmum for its slender but lanky canes. Young stems are upright to ascending but later become pendent with deciduous leaves.
Mature plant produces terminal inflorescence which carry  5-6 closely arranged flowers of bright to dark purple. Flower measures 6.5 across 6.0cm tall and the dark burgundy purple lip is oval and prominent. Inflorescences arising from 2nd and 3rd nodes carry 1-3 flowers.
Light sweet fragrance reminiscent of rhubarb is detectable in the morning but unlike Dendrobium anosmum, the scent is short lasting.
This interesting hybrid can be introduced for wood mounting or planted in hanging basket or mounted on tree branches to create the spectacle draping effect when in blooms.