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Myrmecatavola Lee Siew Ying  
April 8th 2013
An interesting intergeneric hybrid derived from Brassolaeliocattleya and Myrmecophila or Schomburgkia tibicinis species. The exciting feature of this new hybrid is the broad trumpet shape lip and intense deposition of striated purplish spots around the base of the lip. Lightly scented, the flower is approximately 7.5-8cm across and long lasting. Petals and sepals are bright yellow when it is freshly bloomed and become beige yellow as it ages.
Unlike its Schomburgkia trait, the long psedobulbs and prodigous size  are reduced due to Brassavola nodosa’s influence. The plant measures about 30cm in height when maturing, bifoliate, each inflorescence produces 4-6  flowers in a cluster. An easy growing plant, fairy tolerant to a wide range of conditions. Bright light, copious water and regular applications of dilute fertiliser during active growth bring out the best of this charming hybrid.