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Perreiraara Tony Tan Keng Yam
July 18th 2013

The hybrid is characterized by strong, upright sprays with blooms of bright passionate orangey-red to bright pink, complimented with a distinctive spur-like  lip that comes in orange, pink,  fuchsia or  violet.
The flowers have nicely rounded form with slightly overlapping tepals measuring  approximately 2.0-3.0 cm across. The waxy thick textured flowers exude a light spicy-sweet lemon scent in the morning. This refreshing scent is a distinct trait inherited from its parent, Perreiraara Bangkok Sunset. a descendant of its fragrant ancestors Rhynchostylis coelestis and Aerides houlletiana.
The plant flowers early as compared with other hybrids from the same hybrid Genus. The first flowering of this plant occurred at a height of approximately 20 cm, with inflorescences generally growing to 25 cm and bearing more than 15 compact, circular arrangement blooms.

Charity to mark Keppel’s 45th Anniversary
Perreiraara Tony Tan Keng Yam was named in the President’s honour and in support of the Needy Patients Fund under Singapore General Hospital. 
Keppel also made a contribution to TOUCH Young Arrows and HomeCare Assist of Changi Hospital to benefit underprivileged children and patients, in honour of all guests who attended the gala event