Bugs & Buds

About Us...


Bugs and Buds, a bussiness registered in Singapore, was founded in July 2001 by a small team of professionals in pursuit of exploring beauty in nature. The founders hope to inspire and share their passion for nature with others through offering services and products that are nature-based. Incorporating vast knowledge with plants, flowers and small creatures, the boutique company offers highly engaging workshops in horticultural and the life sciences, customized gift solutions including orchid naming, and is the manufacturer and distributor of exquisite nature-based craft products.
A Biology graduate with a strong research and development background, key person, Lee Foong Ying, has more than 20 years of working experience in the commercial orchid production and export industry. Her experience includes providing consultency in using orchids in landscape designs for Disneyland (Hong Kong).
To date, she has published 13 research articles on orchid physiology, post-harvest control of orchid cut-flowers and agronomic practices in International Scientific Journals, which were cited by various academic books on orchids such as The Physiology of Tropical Orchids in relation to the Industry and Vanda Miss Joaquim.