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Folk@rt on Old Wood
 The rustic charm of the lost Singapore
Singapore, in 1950s, was a British colony with farmhouses in most parts of the island. Most were made of wood with attap roofs. The richer families earned their income from growing orchids for export and stayed in zinc-roof houses with wooden walls. Today, there are only a few of such houses left as most of these houses were demolished to give way to the Singapore government’s modern housing program. 
Folk@rt on Old Wood is a collection of folk art on painted wood from the old Singapore, reminiscent of Singapore’s long gone rustic wooden houses and charm. Painted subjects consist of the most beautiful range of tropical bugs, frogs, birds, fishes and flowers from the Southeast Asia.
[Folk@rt on Old Wood is available at Botanic Garden Shop in Singapore Botanic Garden and Gardens by the Bay]
 Torch Ginger
 Torch Ginger
Giant Spiral Ginger
 Rattlesnake Plant
Siver Blush
Siver Blush 
Orchid Series




Zinc Sheet Painting