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Dendrobium Pfizer Singapore
March 7th 2011
Dendrobium Pfizer Singapore is a primary hybrid between Dendrobium wulaiense and Dendrobium lasianthera. It bears strong, upright inflorescence about 65 cm tall with many well arranged flowers, each 4.2 cm tall and 4.0cm across with narrow tepals and dark purplish lip.
Flower form is quite uniform amongst siblings with intensely twisted dorsal petal and orangey to pinkish curled back sepals, a dominant trait inherited from Dendrobium lasianthera, its pollen parent. However, the distinctive trait of its thin narrow tepals is somehow enlarged as a result of influence from Dendrobium wulaiense, its seed parent. The purplish colour tone on the side lobe of its lip and the extreme lastingness of flowers are other unique characteristics passed down from Dendrobium wulaiense. However, being a new hybrid, Dendrobium Pfizer Singapore also acquired traits that surpass both its parents due to hybrid vigour. It has many unique characteristics such as its pleasant pink-purplish tone, its long upright inflorescence, its hardiness to withstand light shade to almost full sun conditions. These traits make the new hybrids a collector’s prized possession and potential stock plant for premium pot-plant market.
This orchid was named in honour of Pfizer Singapore by Singapore General Hospital in appreciation of the organization's generous donation to the SGH Integrated Fund.