Bugs & Buds
Dendrobium Beauty of Oriflame
July 11th 2011
Dendrobium Beauty of Oriflame is a medium height Dendrobium of the mini-pot plant variety. The hybrid flowers at 25-30 cm in height and grows well with filtered sunlight. The Dendrobium affine ancestry has a strong influence over the height of the plant, giving rise to the long arching inflorescence and to the flower its distinctive oval-oblong pointed lip with side lobes that enclose the column. The arching long inflorescence can measure up to 60cm in some hybrid siblings, each carrying more than 20 two tone or dainty pink flowers. The soft and attractive flower measures 5cm x 4cm. For Dendrobium Beauty of Oriflame, its traits of the Pink colour, good texture and more balance form of tepals were inherited from the seed parent.